What does a complete Child ID Packet consist of?

A completed Child Identification Packet is provided at no charge and consists of several items. The first is a dental impression kit that will also provide DNA and scenting to be used for canine assistance in the recovery of the identified person. The dental impression kit in some instances is to be completed at home with the instructions and materials provided. The Child Identification Packet also includes a CD containing the identified person's vital information.

The CD information also provides digital fingerprints, a still picture and a short video interview to capture the voice and mannerisms of the identified person. A Child ID Program window cling is also included. It is to be placed on the primary door of the identified person’s home. This window cling displayed in this fashion will let law enforcement know to ask for the completed Child Identification Packet. This will help them in their efforts to recover the missing person much more quickly at a time when minutes count.

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